We do not stop with NIL, we help develop the most mentally healthy individual in sports, life, and business. So regardless of sport, you will thrive on all levels of life mentality, physically and financially!


The Agency

Seeing the landscape change with NIL, we wanted to find a way to help the athletes holistically and truly change the game. So we concluded - who can help student-athletes better than someone who has been in their shoes, had their schedules, faced their exact same struggles & challenges and survived? Someone who the student-athletes could relate to, get mentorship from and also help them capitalize on their name, image & likeness?

Sports and Mental Health

We match our athletes with everyday brands and specifically wellness clinics locally, regionally, or nationally. This allows you to contribute to the growing dialogue of mental health in athletics with branded sponsorship deals.


Approximately 30% of women and 25% of men who are student-athletes report having anxiety, and only 10% of all college athletes with known mental health conditions seek care from a mental health professional.


35% of elite athletes suffer from disordered eating, burnout, depression and/or anxiety. Limited privacy, inadequate recovery time and limited control or independence may also add to the stress of an athlete.


According to The American College of Sports Medicine only 10% of all college athletes with known mental health conditions seek care from a mental health professional.

To partner with like minded people who have or want to achieve the same goals you feel protected. You feel a sense of community. A agent who has been where you have or where you’re going it’s vital to your career and your future. That’s exactly what this agency possesses. To bring clarity to what success and failure can look like and be able to bridge the gap from sports to business.

Justin Gatlin - Olympic Champion/ 5x World Champion

Having similar lived experiences as our clients, from upbringing, state-state relocation, college & pro experience and mastering the art of transition ; this is more than “NIL”, we offer advocacy. The intentionality of support behind every pillar of a student athletes experience from; onboarding, collegiate experience and transition excellence

Curt Maggitt - UT Football/ NFL

This is the only agency that i know of that literally has something that every athlete needs. That something is mental health education, and support. Every athlete will have a beginning and an end to their sports career. Every athlete will have to make a transition from sports to the real world.

Rico McCoy - UT Football

In my time as an athlete having someone that represented my best interest, that knew the day to day grind and adversity athletes today deal with is incalculable. Is a value that needs to be grown, because transition rather it be Pro sports or going Pro in a professional setting its a vast unknown, and it's very imtemdiating. The athlete representation by athletes that have been there and have known common ground is imperative.

LaMarcus Thompson - UT Football/ NFL

Having an agency for the athlete by the athlete would have been a game changer for me. Athletes having fellow athletes in their corner every step of the way while striving for their professional journey is huge. It’s a different level of respect working with someone who has been in your shoes and understands both sides. This helps put you at ease and allows you perform at higher levels at an athlete.

Alexis Hornbuckle - Lady Vol 2x Champion/ WNBA 2x Champion

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The future for each athlete is unique, and we understand that the education and mentorship provided during our representation will be a game changer to help our athletes “transition like champions.”

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