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The future for each athlete is unique. Welcome to SLB.

Seeing the landscape change with NIL, we wanted to find a way to help the athletes holistically and truly change the game. So we concluded - who can help student-athletes better than someone who has been in their shoes, had their schedules, faced their exact same struggles & challenges and survived? Someone who the student-athletes could relate to, get mentorship from and also help them capitalize on their name, image & likeness?
There was only one option: to create an agency that was owned, run and operated by athletes. Athletes who all have had success in sports but most importantly after sports. So, we created an agency for athletes who played the game. Why let someone else come in now and capitalize on the game you played day in and day out, just because they went to law school but never played a sport? So we add the legal component to an athlete-run company. That’s how you get SLB The Agency - for the athlete, by the athlete - because we lived the life these student-athletes can relate to.

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