Athletes and Psychedelics: Mental Health and Performance

  • SLB The Agency
  • April 13, 2020
  • 1 min read

Original content and article: Any discussion of athletes and psychedelics should be preceded by a conversation on mental health, and the physical and psychological effects of high-performance sport. One of the most memorable moments from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, held in July and August of 2021, wasn’t a sporting triumph at all. It was […]

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Original Article: The one-year mark of the implementation of NIL is approaching, and it’s certainly had its ups and downs. The celebrated change to college athletics were clarified to schools Monday, as boosters (and shell companies acting in the interest of boosters) were prohibited from having contact from incoming college athletes or their families.

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Original article: Aaron Rodgers had himself a unique offseason. The reigning NFL MVP inked the biggest contract in the league, underwent a 12-day Panchakarma cleanse and dressed like Nicolas Cage in Con Air ahead of the first day of Packers training camp. Nestled in between those events, Rodgers revealed that he went on an […]

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